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LEAP Together

Fighting Hunger & Bringing Resources to Rural America. 

Over 52% of the children in Allegany County are eligible for free meals at school, but that still is not enough food for children to be able to focus in class. Research proves that hunger adversely affects learning. 

Child hunger is affecting the learning capacity of children in many of our rural school districts. Presently, some snacks are being provided to some of the students to make it through the day, but there is not enough to for all of the children in need. 

On top of this need in our schools, many of these children do not get adequate food and nutrition in their own homes throughout the week and especially during the weekend and over school breaks. 

Building A Solution:

We aim to build a sustainable system in the school system to feed the children. 

With the whole system in sight, we are starting a program at the elementary school to be expanded as resources permit to the middle and high school students. Some of the elements of the solution will have to be tiered at grade/age levels in order to meet the direst need first, and the program will expand as resources permit. 


NASEC raises funds for this project in the Bolivar-Richburg School district. The BR Snacks program currently feeds an average of 200 children a day. The need is so much greater and many of the students needs are still unmet. 

You can impact this community and meet the needs of hungry children in Western New York. Our program is expanding while we meet the growing needs around us. Donate online to support this project, and tell your friends about what we are doing in our region!

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